Dec 21, 2016

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Construction and Repair: Cracked Lintel

The horizontal support structural block between two vertical supports that spans a space or opening in doors, windows, portals and fireplaces, is called lintel. Historical houses are prone to develop lintel failure causing a serious threat to people’s safety. Lintels among these old properties often fail causing sagging and crackings which becomes worse overtime and potentially leading to structural collapse. Lintel failure often is a result of window replacement caused by window load bearing removal. Often, historical lintel settlements may have unnoticeable serious defects causing lintel failure.

Majority of cases lintel repairs are straight forward using pinning ties and bed joint
reinforcement in combination with resin injection systems to restore the lintel’s structural integrity, thereby retaining its facade aesthetics.

The best way to repair lintels is by resetting the lintel and repointing or rebuilding the brickwork above, refitting the window. In lintel repair for those with brick works resting in a new frame, it is important to note that the brickwork may collapse in the next window replacement. Some lintels from older properties may pass the test of time even with a two-inch bearing, but most often, insufficient bearings may cause the lintel to likely drop and cracks may appear. Replacing the lintel is highly recommended for insufficient bearings, but most often, repointing the lintel may be sufficient until the window or door is eventually replaced. Loads applied above the lintel opening often happen above the lintels of first floors, wherein the roof purlins are installed directly above the openings of windows, causing too much load by downward pressure resulting to cracking and lintel failure. The decision whether repointing will be sufficient or lintel replacement is necessary, is of course based on the age and severity of the cracks.

We can definitely help you through our lintel failure solutions with our good professional partnership with different contractors who offers different schemes for window replacements among private and social houses at a very reasonable cost, allowing safe door and window removal. As we are one of the leading specialists in lintel repair, we do offer insurance so we can guarantee all restoration lintel design schemes. Our team of expert structural engineers work together in providing recommendations if the lintel problem requires a structural plan and our team also provides a detailed cost estimate. Our staff are very helpful and accommodating, from the initial bid, follow-up, scheduling, actual work and clean up, we provide an excellent job every time. Our project managers and the entire crew promise to help you achieve your construction goals and would be happy to work with you, especially for lintel replacements and repairs, so feel free to contact us anytime.


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Nov 6, 2016

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What Do You Know About Records

The Components of Vinyl Music Players

Over the years, the music industry has seen lots of changes. In the past, the aluminum turntable was the darling of many people. The digital era of plastic discs hit the vinyl turntables a big blow. May be the producers of the turntables have thought on how it can get back in full force with digital elements This is not something to wait for, but the vinyl turntable is a device to reckon. It has been incorporated with modern technology to make the experience of playing record music a thrilling idea. If you loved the old vinyl player, them this is the time to enjoy the better model of it. It is a great opportunity for those who never got a chance to use the old device.

Understanding the components of the turntable is a good idea especially if you are new to the use of the turntable. The speakers, phono preamps, cartridge and the turntable are the basic items in the setup. The turntable is the centre of the whole music system. If you want to play your turntable excellently, then, you need to get some tips. This is the source of music. It is the responsibility of the cartridge to covert the variations of the groove into electric signals and relaying them to the phone preamp. The best option when to buy a turntable is to look for one with a changeable cartridge. With this, you can easily cage the cartridge, or even an advanced one. Oftenly, the budget turntables comes in a ready to use format.

The phono preamp amplifies the low electric signal sent from the turntable. An internal preamp is common for most turntables. This saves you the need to go for an independent phono preamp. For turntables with a USB output, they lo have internal preamp. If you go for the internal preamp turntable, make sure it has a bypass switch to allow switching on and off. For upgrading purposes, it would be better to work with the separate phono preamp.
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The function of the amplifier is to increase the low power audio signals from the phono preamp and then to relay it to the speakers. There are amplifiers that have equalization, compression, and overdrive making it easy to color the audio signal in pleasant colors.
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The speakers are the last part of the system The speakers can be categorized either as active speakers or passive speakers. For the passive speakers, they only have the basic speaker functionality and are connected to external amplifiers. The active speakers can be attached directly to the phono preamp since they have an internally built amplifier. To make the best out of your turntable; it is good to factor in all these elements.

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