Nov 6, 2016

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Qualifications of a Top Ranked Search Firm

Recruitment firms are used to fill vacant positions for industrial facilities, institutions, medical fields, and factories, among other businesses. Most will find candidates for everyday positions, entry-level workers, middle management personnel, and some professional level vacancies. Corporations, international businesses, and industry leaders seek out top search firms to fill vacancies for top executive positions. These vacancies are not advertised, candidates come from the best and brightest leaders in their field. Recruitment firms that are hired to narrow down candidates, find people who will suit the needs and fit the culture of the company, and attract the best leaders available, are the ones that are ranked the top firms among all other recruitment firms in the business.

The qualifications of a Top ranked search firm include being retained by corporations, searches in multiple practice areas, completion of searches for global brands in multiple geographies, and displayed innovative thought leadership. Getting retained and global searches are straightforward qualifications, but what do the others mean? Recruitment firms often specialize in certain areas or fields to better serve businesses. Selecting practice areas helps the firm focus on what types of credentials are best suited for a top executive in each field, learn about how each practice area works, and understand the expectations and pressures that come with the position. In order to be a top ranked firm, a mastery of multiple practice areas has to be demonstrated. That allows the top firms to help businesses with all leadership needs. A large corporation, for example, may need to fill an executive position in the information technology (IT) division in China, as well as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) vacancy in France.

Displaying innovative thought leadership is a bit more difficult to define. It can mean a firm develops a search approach that saves time, or a firm establishes interview questions that indicate certain traits necessary to moving a company forward faster than the competition. One top ranked firm, for example, met this qualification by devising a team approach to searches that included research staff, search consultants, project professionals, and managing partners. The team increased the response time and the success rate of the agency.

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