Jan 1, 2017

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Tips For Success For Under 40 Pros

It takes lots of courage and determination to strike out on your own and start a new business. Making the transition from mere employee to business owner and independent contractor is taking a big step. The problems lie in finding the right approach to success. The “Under 40 Pros“, those striking out on their own before the age of 40, often have an idealized vision of what they seek to accomplish but lack a real plan to achieve it. Often, they will go gung-ho in their efforts, working 70 hours a week to get that new business launched off the ground. But after that initial buzz wears off, and the work becomes more and more of a grind, enthusiasm begins to wane. Soon, those high hopes for success drain away until all that’s left is an enervating scramble for survival in the commercial world.

This can be particularly burdensome for those in the construction and remodeling business, whose efforts entail a lot of heavy labor. It’s a real trial to establish yourself as a contractor in this industry given the already existing competition in the market and how long established contractors have a reputation in the community. So the key to success is, as in many other spheres of independent endeavor, a question of guidance and planning.

Guidance can come from one of two sources: professional trade publications which cover every issue of one’s particular business, from financial and legal to technical, and established veteran professionals who are willing to aid the newcomer in getting off on the right course. The advice of a mentor is invaluable, because that person has already experienced everything you have just let yourself in for. A professional mentor has made all the mistakes, learned how to recover from them, survived those mistakes, and can now provide the newcomer with handy tips for avoiding those same pitfalls and how to establish oneself as a necessary player in the field.

Outlining a plan is the next step. This involves a lot of research, gathering of information and advice from multiple sources, and scouting of the market for the right niche to fill in order to establish oneself in the field. Often, filling that particular slot which no other competitor business has quite managed to do opens the way to later expansion into wider contracting work. This becomes feasible once a solid reputation for dependable, professional work has been established.

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